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Amy Mendillo, Executive Secretary

As Executive Secretary of FPNA, Amy Mendillo is responsible for organizational communications and serves as the point of contact with members, stakeholders, and neighbors. She is a freelance writer-editor with background in public policy and public health, with a Master of Public Policy from Brown University and master's and bachelor degrees from Northwestern University and Oberlin College Conservatory of Music. Amy has lived in Fox Point for 13 years.

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Nick Cicchitelli, President

Nick Cicchitelli is a real estate investor and agent, political consultant, and commentator on state and national policy issues, advocating for evidence-based policymaking in specialties such as public finance, political economics, human capital, and intergovernmental relations. His experience includes working with front-running candidates for statewide and local office, state government, and nonprofit organizations based around Providence, RI. He holds master's degrees in political science and public administration from the University of Rhode Island, and a bachelor’s degree in political science from The George Washington University. 

Daisy Schnepel, Vice President and Treasurer

Daisy is the Vice President and Treasurer of FPNA. She has held several board positions since being involved with the organization from its very infantile stages in the late 1990’s and has also served on the boards of the Providence Preservation Society and Family Service of Rhode Island, Inc. Daisy holds a Masters in Industrial Design from Rhode Island School of Design and has a keen interest in the arts, architecture and preservation.

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Alex Iannetta

Vincent Scorziello

Dennis Wood

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Arria Bilodeau

Alissa Peterson

John Rousseau

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