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The Fox Point neighborhood encompasses a portion of the College Hill Historic District. The main section includes the area east of the Providence River; west of Brook Street; north of Wickenden Street and south of Charlesfield Street. It then has two arms, one that extends all the way up Benefit Street and another bordered by Power, Angell, Govenor, and Hope streets.


Generally, a house within a historic district sells for about 10 to 20 per cent more than a similar house not in a historic district. In addition, many of our neighbors feel a sense of personal satisfaction in stewarding a historic property, while we all get to enjoy the sensation of walking down streets that appear much the same way as when authors H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe walked the neighborhood.

Owning a house in the historic district does have some trade-offs involved, particularly if you wish to make changes to the exterior of your house. However, there are city personnel to help you through the process, like Jason Martin, who can be reached at 401/351-4300, extension 517. Visit the Historic District Commission's website to find out more.


If your house is in the historic district and you are interested in either learning more about your property or in finding out if it would be eligible for a historic property marker, please visit the website of the Providence Preservation Society.

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