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The land made available by rerouting the I-195 highway represents an enormous opportunity for Fox Point. It is our objective to engage with the state, the city, the 195 Commission, and potential developers to ensure that the interests of the community are considered.

Wickenden Street 'Conversation Trees'

Conversation Trees is a collaboration between the Wickenden Area Merchants Association (WAMA), FPNA, the JWU Design Department, and The Steel Yard. We want to build community by creating public spaces that encourage spontaneous conversation and interaction on Wickenden Street, while updating some of the street's tree guards, which are old and in disrepair. Jonathan Harris at JWU has agreed to volunteer students' time and talents to design new tree guards for the street that would have built-in seating and include design motifs representative of Fox Point. The winning design would be produced and installed by The Steel Yard. WAMA and FPNA are currently in the process of seeking funding for this project.

Volunteering in Our Parks

FPNA improves our community's parks through volunteer events every Earth Day. FPNA also supports the year-round work done by the Friends of India Point Park as they improve the quality of one of our neighborhood's premiere assets.

Bringing Light to Wickenden Street

Wickenden Street suffers from inadequate lighting, which makes the street less attractive at night to potential customers of the businesses. WAMA and FPNA are working together on a plan for how to improve the lighting to achieve a result similar to what is found on Hope Street or Atwells Avenue. The next phase will be to secure funding. This project, along with the Conversation Trees project, are part of our overall theme of improving the infrastructure along Wickenden Street.

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