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Day of Music, Bike Path, and Ferry to Newport

Day of Music

On the evening of the summer solstice in June, neighbors came together to celebrate the Day of Music, a free event that took place in 750 cities and 120 countries worldwide. “Musicians of all skill levels and genres took to the streets to fill cities and neighborhoods with free, live music,” said neighborhood organizer Bruce Millard.

The lineup included a full evening of music in Fox Point. Neighbors brought their beach chairs to George M. Cohan Square, where they heard Sam Gavish play accordion world music, local band The Mighty Good Boys play acoustic bluegrass, the duo Junior Beat on bass and drums, Guyde Lombari on Italian accordion, and covers by B.E Kittell. “It was great!” said one neighbor.

New Bike Path at Gano Street.

Early this summer, neighbors gained access to a new section of pathway on the Blackstone River Bike Path, just off the southern end of Gano Street, toward the Seekonk River. “We walked the new bike path last weekend, and it is really lovely!” said one neighbor. “The design, with wood fencing and new landscaping makes this extension of the bike trail into a great neighborhood amenity.” The FPNA looks forward to the completion of the connection from Gano Street to the East Bay Bike Path.

Ferry to Newport

The Providence-Newport Ferry operates from India Street in India Point Park, within walking distance for many Fox Point residents. The Ferry had a banner debut season last year. GoLocal Prov pointed out, however, that the low fares— $10 one-way from Providence to Newport for regular adult riders— are only possible because of a heavy federal subsidy. “’For a couple to go back and forth to Newport, taxpayers are giving them an almost $80 benefit,’” said House Minority Leader Patricia Morgan to GoLocal. “’They're paying $40, but the true cost is close to $120. I certainly hope they're buying a lot [in Newport]. It's a fun ride, but I'm not sure that it's an economic benefit.’"

The 3-year subsidy, set to expire after next year, will be evaluated following the 2017 season. “The ferry may not be around forever,” said one Fox Point neighbor, “but for Fox Pointers it is a walk away and there are expanded hours. It’s a good summer excursion and a chance to go to Newport for the day.”

Image, Amy Mendillo

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