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Sidewalk Sale and Fall Tree Plantings

Makers and Merchants. In mid-October, the Wickenden Street Merchants Association (WAMA) sponsored the Maker’s and Merchant’s Sidewalk Sale, an extravaganza of local wares. Despite early rain, more than fifty vendors lined Wickenden Street between Benefit and Brook Streets to sell arts, crafts, beer, cocktails and food. “The weather was a bit of a downer at first,” said organizer Vin Scorziello, “but even when it was drizzling, there were people on the street.” By mid-sale, not only had the sun arrived, but so had lots of neighbors. “Some vendors said they did better [sales] on this rainy day than they did at the last sale,” added Scorziello. “It turned out to be a fun day!” Thank you, neighbors, for your enthusiasm and support!

Tree Time? In late October, Fox Point neighbors gathered at the Arnold Street playground to plant ten saplings along lower Brook Street and in other nearby locations. The trees arrived free of charge, thanks to the Providence Neighborhood Planting Program (PNPP), a public-private nonprofit that supplies saplings and prepares the sites, provided volunteers do the planting and mulching. “The program is about 30 years old,” said neighbor-volunteer Anne Galbraith, “and about 7,000 trees have been planted throughout the city over that time.” Five hundred trees, according to Galbraith, have been planted in the neighborhood, largely due to the efforts of Marjorie Powning, the longstanding volunteer tree coordinator for Fox Point. The October planting went as smoothly as ever. “Many neighbors joined in to help,” added Galbraith. Need a tree on your street? Learn more about the program at

Image: Max Salmeron

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