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FPNA Concerned About Fane Proposal

​As East Side neighbors may know, the I-195 Commission and the Providence City Council are considering a building proposal by New York-based developer Jason Fane for a 46-story residential high-rise that would be located on the western edge of the Providence River near the new pedestrian bridge, on a piece of land known as Parcel 42 of I-195 Commission land. The building would include residential condos with a parking garage on the bottom floors as well as retail spaces and/or restaurants.

The Fane proposal has passed two stages of a three-step approval process by the I-195 Commission. The third step, arguably the largest and most decisive hurdle, is contingent on a vote by the City of Providence to change its current zoning regulations related to height of the building. Current regulation allows for a maximum of eight stories (or 100 feet) in this area of the Jewelry District. Fane is requesting forty-six stories, the lowest portion of which would be devoted to a six-story “pedestal” that rises above the parking garage.

The FPNA is concerned about this proposal. While any sizable investment in Providence could benefit the city, this building may be so tall that it would wall off the river, the new pedestrian bridge, and the nearby park, lessening their appeal and usability. Still, we are eager to hear neighbors’ opinions. Earlier this winter, the Jewelry District Association created an opinion poll to gauge neighbors’ thoughts on this proposal. The JDA will announce the results of the poll in early April. We will keep you posted on what we learn.

Image, Amy Mendillo

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