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FPNA Speaks for Neighbors on Critical 195 Parcels

As neighbors may know, the 195 Commission is considering three building proposals for I-195 parcels located on the east side of the Providence River, near the new pedestrian bridge. In mid-May, FPNA convened residents, abutters, and interested parties to discuss and debate the designs. As neighbors noted pros and cons in each design—and also the fact that each proposal was preliminary and could be modified—FPNA decided not to wholly endorse or oppose any of the three plans. Instead, we asked the 195 Commission to consider five core priorities for these parcels, which we discussed in detail in a letter of position sent in mid-June. The priorities are: create pedestrian and visual connections to the river; design with sensitivity to the surrounding architecture, scale, and feel of the neighborhood; create long-term jobs; solve problems with vehicular traffic flow in the area of South Main and Water streets; and, demonstrate long-term commitment to the area. The development decisions for these parcels will be critical for the long-term quality of life in our neighborhood. We will keep you posted as the process progresses.

Image, Amy Mendillo

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