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  • Amy Mendillo for East Side Monthly

FPNA Announces New President

The FPNA Board of Directors is pleased to announce a transition in its leadership. Nick Cicchitelli, board member since 2016, became President of the Board in January as Daisy Schnepel, long-serving acting President, stepped down to the Vice Presidency and will continue her role as Treasurer.

As a real estate investor and agent, political consultant, and commentator on state and national policy issues, Nick Cicchitelli brings a wealth of skills to the position. For the past two years on the FPNA board, he has strategized on local and state-level issues related to the 195 Commission and the Board of Licenses, with particular attention to evidence-based policymaking. But he is especially pleased to build on FPNA’s decades-long history of speaking up for neighbors. "I hope to continue the proud and impressive tradition of community advocacy in Fox Point,” he said, pointing out the importance of appealing to diverse stakeholders that live and work in the neighborhood as FPNA campaigns to build its Board of Directors in 2019. “I hope to be inclusive and modern in our values.”

Daisy Schnepel has stepped down from her role as de facto president after more than 25 years leading the organization. Since FPNA formed in the late 1990s amidst the controversy of the Shooters nightclub (FPNA was originally called the Fox Point Citizens' Association), she has held several board positions and worked on myriad local issues related to historic preservation, liquor licensing, land development, and community-building.

FPNA is thrilled to move forward with this transition. The Board appreciates Daisy’s tireless service to the neighborhood and welcomes Nick’s charismatic leadership.

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