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  • Amy Mendillo for East Side Monthly

FPNA Backs Spencer Proposal for 195 Parcels

At a packed neighborhood meeting in mid-January, Fox Point neighbors took a near-final opportunity to study three development proposals then under consideration by the 195 Commission for the so-called “sunflower” parcels—the three plots of land located just east of the Providence River near the new pedestrian bridge in Fox Point.

As community organizer Sharon Steele described plans by the Carpionato Group, Post Road Residential, and Spencer Providence, neighbors considered factors such as potential uses, design elements, historic integrity, construction quality, potential short-and long-term jobs, parking issues, and more.

A consensus readily emerged: the group voted unanimously to support the Spencer proposal. Residents praised the small-scale townhouses and mixed-use structures of this design, as well as its high-quality building materials, thoughtful sightlines to the river, and cleverly hidden parking. The Spencer buildings are much more in keeping with the scale of this area of Fox Point, neighbors argued, than the large, bulky, suburban-looking complexes of the other two plans. And as stated later in letter of position to the Commission, FPNA praised the walkability of this proposal, particularly with its narrow streets and footpaths, which evoke the alleyways in old Fox Point and create a much-needed neighborhood feeling unseen in the other designs.

The January meeting was one of two large, neighborhood meetings that FPNA convenes each year (in addition to its monthly meetings) to discuss important current issues, share ideas, and enjoy refreshments with neighbors. Please sign up for our twice-monthly e-newsletter, here, to learn about these meetings, current happenings, and more. All are welcome.

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