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Shoreline Restoration to Finish This Month

If you visited India Point Park this past winter, you may have noticed wooden scaffolding surrounding trees in the park as well as fenced-off areas near the playground and soccer fields. According to the neighborhood group Friends of India Point Park (FIPP), the structures are part of a months-long rehabilitation of the shoreline path and seawall.

Led by the Providence Parks Department and funded through a grant from the City of Providence Capital Improvement Plan, the effort has involved three restoration methods, according to a brief from FIPP. Near the playground, workers are covering the shoreline with a stone apron to protect it from erosion. At the sharp turn near the southern end of the soccer fields, they have strengthened the seawall with fabric, stone, and sand. Finally, at the eastern-most end of the park, they have strengthened the seawall to allow tidal waters to move inland.

The public is invited to participate in a walking tour of the rebuilt areas on Saturday, April 13, at noon. More information on the tour, which will be led by project supervisor Brian Byrnes of the Providence Parks Department, can be found on the FIPP website, here. Any questions? Contact

Please join us, neighbors, in enjoying, celebrating, and learning about our beautiful, newly rebuilt park!

Image, Amy Mendillo

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