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  • Amy Mendillo for East Side Monthly

Neighbors, FPNA, Thrilled With New Bridge

FPNA has received a stream of positive responses from neighbors over the last two months about the completion and grand opening of the Providence Pedestrian Bridge, the structure that spans from Water and James streets at the east to Dyer Street near the Wexford building at the west. “People think it is absolutely beautiful,” commented FPNA Vice President Daisy Schnepel, who went on to praise the proportions of the design. “The open quality is very nice,” she said, “and the perspective from the bridge gives the feeling of a comfortable small city. It speaks to the walkability of the city.”

FPNA President Nick Cicchitelli likened the clean lines and sleek grasses to The High Line in New York City. And while he acknowledged recent criticisms of the cost of the project, which reportedly went seven-fold over budget, he is optimistic that residents, visitors, and potential developers will be pleased with the investment. “There an opportunity here to build a vibrant connection,” he commented, and to spur economic growth. “[Such investments] absolutely should be a priority of the City of Providence,” he told GoLocalProv in September. “Structural problems in certain departments deserve criticism, and reform, no question. But we cannot be a city that says no to beautification and other quality-of-life issues and then practically thinks there's going to be a magic economic beanstalk."

FPNA is thrilled to see an outpouring of enthusiasm for the bridge as well as high foot and bike traffic during its inaugural two months.

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