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  • Amy Mendillo for Providence Monthly

Mural Enlivens Fox Point Elementary

The return to school in September already felt exciting for students at Vartan Gregorian Elementary at Fox Point, since they hadn’t seen their teachers and peers in person in six months. But the first day back felt all the more welcoming when they noticed a brightly colored mural on the front door: a fox, the school mascot. “This is BEYOND awesome!” exclaimed one VG parent about the project. Other community members, students, teachers, and staff responded with similar enthusiasm on social media and in person. “It looks fantastic,” stated a member of the PTO.

The mural was designed by Myles Dumas and implemented with the help of The Avenue Concept and City Councilor John Goncalves. According to Dumas and VG parent Jack Rusley, who spoke about the project at an FPNA meeting in July, the idea emerged as a way to increase the school’s identity in the community and improve morale for students and teachers. Additional sponsorship came from FPNA, Graphic Innovations, Adler’s RI, and the Wickenden Area Merchant’s Association. FPNA is thrilled to see this lively addition to the neighborhood.

Image: Amy Mendillo


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