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  • Amy Mendillo for Providence Monthly

Wickenden Business Owners Cheer their Peers

Neighbors may know of the two Fox Point chefs that were named semifinalists by the James Beard Foundation for Best Chef in the Northeast—but may not know how enthusiastic other local business owners are to see their peers receive this recognition.


Maria Meza, one of the Beard semifinalists, has brought regional dishes from the Mixteca region of Puebla and Oaxaca, Mexico, to her restaurant, Dolores, on Hope Street. "They have the best Mezcal selection in town,” said Vin Scorziello, co-owner of nearby Campus Fine Wines, in reference to the artisanal Mexican agave distillates that make up the restaurant’s signature cocktails. Scorziello himself received prestigious recognition in 2022, when Campus Fine Wines was listed as one of the best wine shops in the US by Wine Enthusiast magazine. “It is so exciting to see some restaurants in Fox Point getting national attention,” Scorziello continued.


Subat Dilmurat, chef at Jahunger restaurant on Wickenden Street and the other Beard semifinalist in Fox Point, offers Uyghur cuisine, a type of Chinese food that resembles Szechuan cuisine, according to the restaurant’s website. His handmade noodles and dumplings have elicited rave responses from reviewers, neighbors, and local business owners. “How lucky are we to have a genuine Uyghur restaurant right in Fox Point,” said Mindy Britto, owner of Urban Thread, a consignment boutique located on Brook Street. “I have never tasted Szechuan like this before. The service is friendly and welcoming. Everything about this restaurant is great.” Both Scorziello and Britto remarked on the array of thriving businesses in the Wickenden area—and how appreciative they feel as business owners to be part of this community. The news of the Beard awards only heightens that feeling. “I'm not sure there's another Uyghur restaurant in the area” said Scorziello. “We’re lucky to have them here.”

Photo, Amy Mendillo


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