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Fane Tower and Folk Fest Draw Crowds

Fane Update

Highlights of Summer 2018 included two contrasting events in Fox Point: a heated advocacy effort and a mellow folk music festival. In mid-July, FPNA joined several other neighborhood organizations, the Providence Preservation Society, and many individual neighbors to oppose a change in the city’s Zoning Ordinance requested by New York architect Jason Fane, who proposes building a 600-foot luxury residential tower on the west side of the Providence River. The effort culminated in an hours-long, packed hearing at City Hall in which the Committee on Ordinances heard testimony from dozens of constituents, ultimately voting to oppose the tower.

Ward 1 City Councilman Seth Yurdin describes the vote as an affirmation of two hard-won, critical pieces of public policy: the city’s Comprehensive Plan and its Zoning Ordinance. “Fane ignores years of public input that created our City Plan and zoning,” he noted on Facebook. ”With new demand to build in Providence (at least ten new large projects downtown), Providence has a unique opportunity to encourage development that respects our community, creates jobs and affordable housing for city residents.” FPNA supports this kind a win-win scenario for our city, as well—one that embraces smart development while adhering to constituents’ core values.

Folk Fest Draws Crowds

Also in mid-July, FPNA and the Wickenden Area Merchants Association (WAMA) co-hosted the second-annual Fox Point Folk Fest, an afternoon of music in George M. Cohan Square. Neighbors set up lawn chairs on a closed-off portion of Wickenden Street, where they enjoyed food trucks, local brews, and like last year, a low-key and friendly atmosphere. “It was a good day!” commented Vin Scorziello, one of the organizers. “The music was fun, the weather was amazing, and the crowd seemed to be having a good time. Armand Aromin and Ben Gagliardi of The Vox Hunters booked an interesting bunch of bands, and JP Murton from The Shop had some hammocks set up in the shade. We had some great and generous local sponsors this year.”

These two events embody the mission of FPNA: to advocate for our causes that affect our neighborhood and to build community through fun, engaging events. Your participation makes all of these efforts possible. Please join us at our next event or monthly meeting.

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