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FPNA Announces New Leadership

FPNA has announced an influx of new leadership, including three new board members and a new interim president (all pictured, above). Mike Bell, new FPNA board member, is a visual artist and small business-owner in Fox Point with a media production company, Embee Studio, that he runs from his Sheldon Street home. Mike is committed to preserving the historic character that Fox Point is known for and ensuring that the neighborhood is a safe and vibrant community for businesses and residents.

Judyth vanAmringe, also new to the FPNA board, is a designer and ceramicist who came to Providence from New York City in 1997. Judyth’s dedication to architecture and design extends to her neighborhood support for sustainable and architecturally desirable land use projects and her advocacy for responsible development.

John Woolsey, a third new FPNA board member, is a retired architect with a special interest in old neighborhoods and historic buildings. He is currently co-chair of the Board of Trustees of Preserve Rhode Island. Historic neighborhoods and the character of old buildings have been some of John’s life-long interests.

With a passion for environmental protection and a background in finance, Lily Bogosian, FPNA Interim President as of June 2023, is an advocate for preserving the unique character and charm that first attracted her and her family to Fox Point 13 years ago. “Small family businesses, unique shops and local restaurants are the backbone of our neighborhood,” she said. “We are lucky to enjoy the benefits of a local experience within the larger province of Providence.” An avid beekeeper, Lily champions the importance of green space and sustainable development.

Welcome, neighbor-leaders! We are delighted to build our advocacy in this way.

Image, Mike Bell


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