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  • Amy Mendillo for Providence Monthly

Neighborhood Party Kicks off Park Renovation

Fox Point neighbors gathered in Brassil Park, the small city park located at the corner of Brook and Arnold streets, in late September to celebrate its upcoming renovation. The project, which originated as part of a pre-Covid initiative by then-Mayor Elorza, will involve replacing the park’s play structures, building a ground-level slide into the contours of the park’s hilly landscape, reworking a small black-topped area for popular games, and updating much of the ground cover and landscaping.

The final plans for the park represent months of collaboration, thanks to a new local group, Friends of Brassil Park, that emerged informally last year as a collection of invested parents. “We participated in several plan reviews,” commented Fox Point resident Peter Erhartic. the group’s current leader, “and went back and forth several times” with city leaders on elements of the design. “There was a good push and pull,” he said about the process. “We [as a group] really wanted to be helpful. I think the plans are great.”

The project broke ground in late October, shortly after neighbors gathered to celebrate with Wickenden-area pizza and live music. And while the friend’s group has fulfilled its goal to offer input on the renovation, Erhartic added, it has also served as a meaningful way to strengthen bonds within the community. “It’s been a lot of fun,” said Erhartic, “and a great vehicle to bring people together.”

Photo by Amy Mendillo


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