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  • Amy Mendillo for East Side Monthly

Gano Roadwork Underway at Long Last

After years of negotiation and debate among neighborhood groups and the Rhode Island Department of Transportation about the clogged, dangerous, and decrepit roadways on lower Gano Street at India Point Park, FPNA is thrilled to see RIDOT perform construction work to improve that area.

The current project, which began in March and will continue into the late fall, will address three main problems. RIDOT will replace the stop sign and perilous 90-degree turn at Gano and India Streets (located directly under the bridge) with a smoother, simpler, curved roadway connecting the two streets. The Department will also improve paving, curbing, and sidewalks on lower Gano between Trenton and India streets. Finally, thanks to input from FPNA board members and other local organizations, RIDOT will redirect the bike path away from busy Gano Street and under the eastern-most bay of the bridge, allowing bicyclists to enjoy water views and a picturesque entry into the park. The shared-use path will also improve connections between the Blackstone Bike Path, India Point Park, and the East Bay Bike Path.

While FPNA has advocated for additional improvements to the nearby landscaping and the central passageway under the bridge, we are delighted to see these initial upgrades.

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